Sunday, January 25, 2015

"No" will BREAK you or MAKE you!

Before we can walk or talk, a baby hears the word NO hundreds if not thousands of times. As parents its our job to ensure our kids are safe, so NO you can't touch that its too hot, NO you can't play with that its not a toy, NO you can't chew on that you can choke.

Here's dictionary definition of the word NO as: used to give a negative answer or reply to a question, request, or offer... 

But lets think about this...This two letter word has designed every aspect of the world that we live in. Now on the surface, the word NO simple means the definition stated above. And to the average person, NO gives the feeling of being REJECTED or DISMISSED. The crazy thing is the word NO has pushed too many people out of the game. It's redirected people from their passion, their dreams, their aspirations. It's stop people DEAD in their tracks and made them RETREAT for the hills. Or even worse, the word NO can give people a complex of self-worthlessness and depression. A FEAR of ever again taking a risk or going against the grain.

Let me tell you something, we weren't put on this earth to live in fear, depression, or self pity. If I can have your permission, I like to share how to let the word NO make you EXPRESSIVE instead of SUPPRESSIVE. 

Now my intention isn't to motivate you. In fact, if you need that, listen to a Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Brendon Burchard, John Maxwell, etc. While those individuals are great at what they do, I'm just as inspired by leaders like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs, and Stevie Wonder. Now their messages may be completely different, but it's their posture and the conviction of their words that made people MOVE to ACTION. These leaders didn't have sight, they had VISION! 

What every single one of us has in common with these great leaders is we all have been subjected to the same word, NO. Would you agree, at some point we all heard NO, you can't do that. NO, that's impossible. NO, you should stay where you are. 

The difference is simple.NO didn't PARALYZE them, they heard NO and it  MOBILIZE them.

This is a total mind set! When you hear NO give yourself permission to accept the challenge. Don't feel you have to prove it to them, the real true competitor is YOURSELF. When we hear NO the voice in our little head is saying, maybe their right, maybe I can't. Maybe I'm too old, or too young, I'm not smart enough, pretty enough. It's the always ever listening voice that appears when we hear the word NO. Tell that little voice "Thank you for contributing, now please SHUT UP"! Prove to yourself YES I CAN!

Remember when you where about ten, eleven years old and you questioned everything?! Find that inner child and BELIEVE in the impossible. If people didn't have faith and BELIEVE in the UNBELIEVABLE we wouldn't be able to fly, we wouldn't have had a black president, we wouldn't have cured what once was the incurable.

When you hear the word NO let it fuel the fire inside of you, becoming OCD with succeeding and BELIEVING in the UNBELIEVABLE. Let the would NO become your reason WHY it must become a YES. NO one can define YOU but YOU!

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