About Me

I am a loving father to my ten children...YEP, you read it correct!! Proud dad of Daniella, Gabriella, Antonio, Isabela, Sarah, Isaiah, Jonah, Talon, Romeo, Bobby, and devout husband to my wife Danielle for 13 years. A musician, educator, and entrepreneur in various industries, I am continuously evolving with the climate of the times. Committed to personal and professional growth, I'm just excited about designing my life to do the things I want with the people that matter the most! 

I've become a Jedi Master at finding balance with my faith, family, and business. From the playground to the executive conference room, my goal is to be effective with communicating my ideas clearly and confidently with any group of people. My job is to create value and excitement for the people around me. Whether it's friends and family or businesses and non-profits, I utilize my skills, network, and dedication to success to empower and uplift everyone. 

I'm passionate about educating people with the mindset necessary to build a purposeful life! So my daily mission is to teach and inspire people to live in their highest-self based in courage, purpose, and joy verses fear, need, and obligation. 

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