Saturday, January 17, 2015

Take Your Life By The Wheel!

You ever take a road trip? Some people say “I’ll drive” while others will call “shot gun”! That’s how people are in life too.

When you call “shot gun”you’re cool where ever the driver takes you. Sitting “shotty” you can’t control how fast or how slow you get there, how many stops it takes along the way, or the expected detours you may have to take. The most you control is what radio station is on. You know you will get to point “B” eventually. “Shot gun” will gladly give up the control so they can sit back, chill out, and enjoy the ride.

The driver on the other hand refuses to let go of the wheel. Getting from point “A” to point “B” is way too important to just let anyone take control. The driver sets the pace, only stopping to refuel when the tank is low, completely focused on the destination - allowing nothing to stop them until they get there.

So what’s the big difference? Well eventually both people arrive at point “B”, but their journey along the way, their experiences, well, it’s completely opposite. As 2015 begins, now is the time to take control on your journey. Don’t sit back and chill out, flicking through the radio stations. Now is time to take your life by the wheel, set the GPS and live past your potential.
You may not have chose to be born, but you can choose to live. Design your life and your future. Ask yourself, are you riding “shot gun” or do you have pedal to the floor?!

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